Anticipatory Guidance


Sleep position (SIDS), Cord Care

Feedings (Solids 4-6 mo, l new food at a time) Use of cup/utensils

Colic (Constipation/GERD/Gas etc) Language/Read/Talk to baby Fever/Temperatures (Rectal)

Passive Smoking

Sibling interactions

Injury Prevention

Car (Car seat, check wt limits etc) Crib (Lower mattress, snug fit) Falls (especially stairs), No Walkers High Chair safety (sturdy, w/straps) Windowguard

Burns (Water temperature<120)

Water safety/pool (Needs supervision, fence) Bathtub (No-skid mats)

Smoke detector/Fire Extinguisher

Fire escape plan (no playing with matches) Electric outlets

Choking/Ipecac (No nuts/raisins, Pills/Meds) Stranger/Playground safety


Bike Helmets, Pads for rollerblading/scooter Guns/Knives

Plastic bags/balloons (choking/suffocation) Poison Control/Emergency #

(know address & phone #)


Vitamins w/fluoride

Table foods/Wean bottle (9-12mo) Self-feeding/utensils (18 mo)

Reduced appetite/slower wt gain (toddlers) Healthy snacks/Limit junk food Baby bottle/tooth decay/Dentist Lead exposure risks


Tantrums/Reinforce good behavior Self-exploration - Privates/Bad touch Need for consistency

Sleep patterns/Habits


Limit TV, Encourage reading

Adolescence (HEADS) Peer pressure

Depression/Mental illness ETOH, Tobacco, Drugs

Sex education, Question, STD, HIV Car/Seat belts, Speeding/Drugs



Mobility (Gait, transfers, Stairs) Bowel/Bladder/Toileting

Dressing/Grooming/Bathing, Eating/Feeding IDL -- Manage money, Take meds Cooking/Cleaning/Laundry Using Telephone Falls (SPLAT)

Sx/Prior Hx/Location/Activity@Fall/Time